Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Great White Hunter.

Had a bit of fun creating this trying out the new features in ZBrush as well as the bridge to Keyshot.  Such an amazing tool and I haven't been this excited with a program since Zbrush first came out I think.

It's a bit of a comedic commentary on a few things, but I'll let you decide what that may be for you.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hercules 2014

I got to do some creature design for Hercules through Weta which was a bit-o-fun!   Nothing made it to the film and had a bit of influence over the boar but it changed at the end.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Grey Alien

Finally got to do some more work towards this fella.  Rendered him in Keyshot with some Photoshop post work.  Sculpted in Zbrush.

A better close up with his hand  :)

Largely based on the many descriptions found of greys, although I did my own take on the suit material... avoided the aluminium look.  The symbols are roughly based on the Rendlesham forest incident where a military officer is said to have transcribed the symbols off a craft he had seen.  Alot of fun recreating this guy and hopefully will be able to do more with this model in the future.  Possibly will do a 3D print of this guy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Faraii 2.0

Recently I got a license of Keythot and wanted to test it out on a personal piece.  I decided to revisit a sculpt I had done a few years back of Wayne Barlowes Baron Faraii from Gods Demon.  One of my favourite books!  It's an epic tale and this character is one of my favourites!  I will render the stulpt out once i'm further along with the base and upload it on this thread but here is the updated version of Faraii!

I wanted to stick very close to Waynes beautiful work and existing designs of the character and you can see some of my reference here...
Wayne Barlow - Barlowes Inferno and Brushfire

And also if you haven't read the book, I HIGHLY recommend it!
Gods Demon

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Smaug fails

Hey all,

Just back from Calgary and the US and we had a great time promoting the new Hobbit art of book, which you can get a copy from here:
Smaug - Unleashing the dragon
We were tasked with trying many things as you often are doing the design work, so most time is spent on whats not working.  But feel we got to a good solution in the end  :)  Here's a small toke of whats in the book from myself.
So here are some of the pieces I did featured in the book.  The design that made it through is featured on a couple of posts down from this one, but most of these were the reject designs which were a lot of fun working on!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Haunt concept art.

Last year I got to work on a really fun horror called "Haunt" Directed by Mac Carter.  The film hasn't been released in NZ yet so haven't been able to watch it but the stills of the lady look great!

I worked with Weta and Special Effects make up artists Joe Dunckley and Sarah Rubano creating these designs, and the extremely talented Michael Asquith sculpted the prosthetic.  Was a great job and everyone did amazing work!  Here are some of the concepts.


Friday, January 31, 2014

I,Frankenstein demon concepts.

Hey all, a little bit of work on the side where I got to work with M.E.G. on designing some make-ups for the film I,Frankenstein.  Demons are always a bit of fun.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug Creature work

Really pleased to be able to share this work from The Hobbit with you.  I'm restricted to using the artwork here so please be aware any sharing of these images is done so without my permission.  All of this artwork can be found in the latest installment of the Hobbit art of chronicles  so please get a copy for a better look and explanation of how the designs all went down.

This project was incredibly stressful and at times, seemed impossible to finish but once again I worked with an incredible team at the WetaWorkshop Design Studio and as I've said before a project like this is largely a collaborative one and I'd like to thank Richard Taylor and the crew as well as all the amazing artists at Weta Digital for bringing these beasts to life!

Please note that these images are reserved to use on this blog only and I cannot give permission for their use.

So here goes:

A small selection of the orcs!

 This particular guy was my favourite orc head that I designed  :)  Bilbo stabs him in AUJ.

These were some of the final passes I got on Azog.  Due to time constraints the design ended up being a lot more symmetrical than featured here and wish they'd have kept his birthmark under his eye.  Jamie Beswarick had a large influence on the overall character, I was involved with changing the design of the face.  Gus Hunter then did a costume pass using elements from Nick Keller's previous costume design.  But featured is just the artwork I created.  :)

Beorn.  He went through many looks and featured is a small amount of what I contributed to the character/creature.

Some spider designs.  I designed the overall look for the ones in the film, however the front of the head and some additional "jaws" were added to the film ones.  :/

Last but not least, the REAL king under the mountain  :)  Many hands contributed to the look of this amazing creature, and I was real happy with how he turned out in the end!  Special mention to John Howe, Alan Lee, Jamie Beswarick, Dan Cockersell, Greg Tozer, Gus Hunter, Mike Asquith and the Weta Digital crew!  My involvement mainly focused on the head and below is a SMALL selsect of some of the final art and the Zbrush sculpt I used for the last one.  More to come in the future hopefully but this is all I can show now.


Please note that these images are reserved to use on this blog only and I cannot give permission for their use.